Dennis Granlie has extensive experience in classroom observations and clinical support for music teachers in all areas and levels. A retired district music supervisor, Granlie now serves as a music consultant and mentor. Visit www.mtmusiced.org  for more information.

This "how to" manual will walk you through the school year with lots of practical tips for the whole gamut of "plates" you'll need to spin as a music teacher.

Chapter 7 is written specifically for band, but all of the other information can be adapted for choir and orchestra. See contents below.
  From universities using "Teaching and Managing Performing Ensembles" in their methods classes:

"Your table of contents looks like the syllabus for my methods class." -Patrick Winters, Eastern Wash. U

"The book is a great resource not only for beginning teachers, but teachers in the field."  -Garry Walker,
                                                               U of Idaho

"It is the most comprehensive, user friendly gude for music teachers I have ever seen. A must have for all educators! Congratulations on a true masterpiece!            -John Schuberg, U of Montana