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  Teaching a performing group is like spinning     
  plates in a circus--there is always something 
                 needing attention!

Teaching and Managing Performing Ensembles,
shares best practices for organizing and running a music program in a "user friendly" format. After a 40-year career in music education, Dennis Granlie has distilled ideas and approaches of nearly 200 teachers he has observed in their classrooms.

Included are "recipes" for successful rehearsals, tips for organizing your time, and lots of teaching "tricks of the trade" to make your job easier and your groups better.

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                                        •Classroom Management
                                        •Music Program Evaluations
                                        •Inservice Training
                                        •Guest Conducting
                                •           Adjudicating
"Teaching and Managing
Performing Ensembles"
  is included in methods class materials at:
   The University of Montana
   Eastern Washington University
   Central Washington University
   The University of Idaho
   Utah Valley University
   Lewis and Clark College, Portland, OR
   Montana State University - Billings
   The University of Wyoming
   Andrews University
   Minot State University
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